Painting Statement

Finding the image, the object, or the situation on which to enact changes and to articulate in different forms allows me to speak to broader and complex concepts within images. This involves both personal and interpersonal experiences, and the events of the world to which I stay vigilant and am impacted by.

Images can be templates, yet also address the ideas related to their literal nature. I stumbled on the house, the office, the yard, as a way to speak about what so many of us don’t have, about what so many want, about the competing and sometimes hostile undercurrents that flow around those ideas of community, and home, and safety, and the commonplace (if such a thing exists, I’m dubious). The loose portraiture/character images are deconstructions and segmentation of linear narrative, the equivalent of film stills or excerpts. They are process based, and derive through working without premeditation. As a queer person, much of my work and ideas speak to sublimated queer desire, of yearning, of idealization, or mystery. Sometimes, I’ll take a bit of nostalgia about the late 80’s and 90’s pop culture and twist and subvert it in a contemporary form. I like exploring the concepts of repetition, and what it does to an image, of soft and playful deconstruction. I’m keenly interested in discovering where these impulses can expand and evolve. I like the idea of being surprised by creative evolution.

 Dominic Quintana